Archive | June 1, 2013

The rest of May!

Outside of Radiation appointments, I had a to do list a mile long so there were a lot of errands run.

I had a few Disney calls on Wednesday that kept me happily busy.  In the middle of one, I had to go out to my freezer in the garage to grab some food for Kate.  As I took the two short steps down to the garage level, I completely wiped out, dropping the phone mid-call.

Because I was on a call, I couldn’t exactly cry the way I wanted to so I sucked it up and finished.

I basically broke my third and fourth toes on my right foot!!  Why not, right?

I tried to set up my Occupational Therapy appointment but the office I use close to home isn’t where the specialist is located.  So I will have to make some phone calls and go from there.

Friday radiation I got the news that Ingrid – my daily nurse of awesome – is moving to the Plainfield center for the month of June so I won’t see her anymore!!!  This happens on a schedule but it was sad because I won’t see her anymore.

Also – Ally has become my radiation helper.  When we go in for treatment, she grabs me a gown from the bin and sets it up in the changing area for me.  She holds my key while I’m gone and helps me get put back together.  What a kid!

We did film day on Thursday so that appointment is like 5 minutes longer than usual.  Everything is still going well.  I’m not too irritated by the radiation yet.  Light, light pink on my skin.