Weekly recap June 10-14

I know I have been so bad about writing.

The whole Groundhog Day aspect of radiation is really making it hard to come up with something to talk about!

My skin –

It is starting to show wear and tear from the radiation treatments.  The area being radiated is a rectangular shape covering my beast and even over my shoulder to my back a bit.

It looks like I have a nasty sunburn.  I have two spots that aren’t happy.  One is high on my chest – there is a blister that broke and is tender.  My underarm is raw from the burns and the fact that the skin rubs against skin there.

Tuesday I got some medicated cream to apply to these areas.

I apply Aloe during the day all over the area.

I apply Aquaphor at night all over the area.

I apply the medicated cream twice a day.

This week we had a couple of extra film sessions because of the way things have been looking.  They are really really good at keeping tabs on my progress.

The films are x-rays that check how the heart, lungs and other tissues are holding up.

My goal each day is to try to get into the perfect position for treatment.  There is usually some kind of sliding required.

The fatigue is setting in.  I just find that I have the ambition to do things but the energy isn’t there to get the things done.  I really dislike feeling tired.  Have you noticed I am a DO-ER???  I DO things….sigh.  Being tired really makes it hard to DO what I want!!!

The end is in sight!!!!

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