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June 20

As I walked up to the Cancer Center today, I saw a Joan sitting on the bench outside.

Joan is currently fighting lung cancer and has a complex treatment regimen.  I’ve seen her at 10:45 for my check in and she’s already been there for three hours having chemo and other things.

Two weeks ago I saw her leaving as I was coming in.  She was pulling out of the drive in a convertible – top down!  “It’s my gandma-mobile” she said as she waved.

Like I said, I saw her sitting outside today and I sat down next to her for a moment.  She handed me a piece of paper.  It was a certificate signed by all the treatment staff saying she has finished radiation!!  YAY!!!  I LOVE celebration days!  It feels like there’s another winner in this fight!


So today – regardless of the challenges you’re facing, know that Cancer took a kick in the ass today!!!!

After radiation, I headed off to Physical Therapy with Kerry.  We do flexibility work and some massage.  I’m a little sore but it’s all for the best because I will have a strong lymphatic system and broken down scar tissue and excellent range of motion.

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