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Friday the 21st of June

Friday is the end of a week and it’s another end – the end of the FULL radiation treatments!

During the last how many weeks I’ve been at this, I have had radiation done to my chest and surrounding areas to kill off any lingering cancer cells that were missed by chemo and surgery.  These treatments are done in three separate zones during my time on the table.

The following is a yucky photo of what the radiation has been doing to my skin.  


This photo is my underarm.  I’ve lifted my arm up so you can see the toll the radiation has taken on the skin.  There is a redness that looks like a sunburn and that is peeling skin you see.  The dark areas are from a medicated cream I use.  It has made my skin very dark wherever the cream touches. 

I tried taking a front shot but I can’t get a good photo that shows the rectangle shape of the radiation area AND maintain the modesty of not flashing you my beast at the same time.  I considered a bikini top but even then you won’t get the full effect of the shape of the area which is why I’d do a front shot.


This is a photo I found that shows the area that I’m talking about.  That whole green area is currently red like a sunburn.


This poor shot of my front side does show one area that is damaged.  Near the top of the photo (yes, I covered myself with strips of toilet paper attached with a band aid.  It was handy).  As I was saying, near the top of the photo you can see that darkened area?

That part of my skin blistered and popped and has looked like that for a few weeks now.  I put the medicated cream on that too so my skin has darkened there.

That’s the yucky side of radiation.

The best part – I’m DONE with this part of radiation!!!!!

I have 5 more treatments!!!!  These treatments are called “boost” and they are directed at the scar on my beast only.  My skin can now heal without getting shot down every day!!!!