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Weekly Recap June 24 – 28

Last week of radiation!

Monday highlights –

IMG_4612This is what I do every day.

The blue thing is the “mold” that holds me in place.

The attachment is for this week only while I experience the “boost” portion of treatment.

Jessica purposely moved the table into the exact location for the photo.  This is how close the machine comes to me while I’m getting treatment.

When I was having the entire area treated, that long contraption wasn’t on the machine.





I get onto this blue thing with the sheet covering it and get into position.  The radiation techs adjust me into exactly the right place using everything from minute tattoos, transparency films, Sharpie markers and some specs that are in their computer system.


Here is a close up of the attachment for the boost.  Research has shown that if the cancer comes back, the first place it shows up is along the scarline on my beast from the mastectomy.  So the radiation treatment includes a “boost” of radiation to JUST the scarline.

Tuesday highlights – met with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Lingareddy.  Great meeting.  She was very happy with the results of the treatment.  My skin (while has taken a beating) is holding up well compared to others.  Getting the reconstruction BEFORE radiation worked in my favor.


It was also the last “Treat Tuesday.”  I thought thank you cookies were appropriate to hand out to everyone who has been so wonderful during this process!  Don’t forget – Cupcake Moms – they make delicious sugar cookies like these and such gorgeous cupcakes!

I also headed to Physical Therapy with the awesome Carrie Pace.  She did some manipulation of my arm and of my lymph system.  We also added some exercises to my regimen.  Easy stuff but at a slow, light pace to ease back into things.


Today I met with my girlie doctor about getting my ovaries out.  It’s called an oophorectomy.  My Oncologist Dr. Hantel was pretty adament about having this procedure done as a way to cut down on estrogen production.

Well – Girlie Dr Morris had lots to say about this.  This is NOT a cut and dry issue.  On the surface it makes sense right?  My cancer likes estrogen, so let’s cut out sources of estrogen.  It’s not quite that simple.  Girlie Dr. Morris used the following example:

You have something wrong with you and your doctor suggests cutting off your right arm.  So you do it — and it saves your life — but now you don’t have a right arm — for the rest of your life.  That’s what is going on here.  There are LOTS of reasons to do this and LOTS of reasons not to.

If my genetic testing came back positive for the BRCA1 or 2 mutations, then this is easy – have it done (Angelina Jolie’s world).

BUT – my genetic testing came back negative!

Here’s the craziness involved with a woman under the age of 45 having an oophorectomy:

  • 12% higher chance of suffering a premature death from something else than my beast cancer
  • Double the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Double the risk of suffering from dimensia
  • Double the risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease
  • Increased risk of osteoperosis, strokes, lung cancer and psychological issues

SOOOOOOO –Girlie Dr Morris made a request.  “Can I think about it and call you with my suggestion?”  I totally appreciate that!

I will let you know when I have an answer from him and then I’ll work this out!


Another day of radiation.  Almost at the end!!


Physical therapy was in the morning and things were really tight so we took it easy.  My skin is just really painful and PEELING like there is no tomorrow.

Physical Therapist Carrie Pace couldn’t believe I could still wear a bra.  I explained that it HURTS like crazy but I wear one out.  She said to dump it.  SO as of today – my new set is just winging it!

Last day of Radiation!

I got a card for everyone and brought in a different treat since I did cookies on Tuesday.  I got everyone packs of fruity gum for their enjoyment!!!

When I got in the changing area, one of my radiation buddies was there for her last treatment too and showed me her certificate of completion – just like Joan’s from a while ago!

I went in and did my thing.  I got hugs from everyone.  I said good byes.  I didn’t get a certificate.  I know it’s not a big deal, but for 6 weeks of daily treatments with weekly cookie gifts and complete compliance during treatments, I wanted a certificate!!!


This part of my treatment is over!

I have a check up with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Lingareddy and Oncologist Dr. Hantel in September!