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Happy August – uh what happened to July?

I owe you all a mega apology!

I had a phone call yesterday from a person I know with the exact same cancer as me.  She is almost done with chemo!!  She was doing some research about surgical options and refers to my blog for some information.  While I was talking to her she said:

“One reason I wanted to talk to you was that you hadn’t posted anything in a while and I wondered how you were doing.”

I apologize for keeping everyone in the dark!

I am not sure what happened to the month of July.

  • The girls had an intensive dance camp for a week
  • We watched 4 doggies for our friends for a week (2 golden retrievers, 1 border collie and 1 basenji)
  • I subbed for a vacationing gymnastics coach during the hottest week of the year in the gym with no A/C
  • Our own A/C died during the hottest day of the year requiring the purchase and installation of a new unit
  • The girls had Kids Camp at church
  • Kate had a mystery fever that just lingered on and on that kept me on my toes watching her
  • Hubby Sammy had his birthday

Yeah… THAT’S what happened to July!!

Let’s add a few other medical updates:

Radiation Recovery –

My skin is almost completely back to normal.  You can still see a light outline of the treatment area.  It just looks like strange tan lines.  The peeling is almost finished.  My energy level is good.

Physical Therapy –

I had a check in Tuesday and everything looks great!  I was a complete slacker though because I was supposed to get my compression sleeve ordered and in by the return visit.  I didn’t get to it (see above list of July activities).

Let’s talk about Ovary removal!!!  Just what everyone wants to know right?

I did hear back from Gynecologist Dr. Morris.

“I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I think you should have them out.” he says.

We talked at length about the situation.  When it comes down to it, I haven’t officially hit menopause (more on that in a minute) and it could be 20 more years before that happens.  Is it worth sitting around for that time with ovaries pumping out estrogen and wondering if cancer could come back?  Or would it be better to know that by removing them, I’m eliminating a potential source for further cancer?

The bottom line, the side effects of having the ovaries out can be dealt with as they come versus having cancer come back.

We will be doing this procedure in the cooler months since hot flashes can ensue so we might as well make good use of hot flashes!

Speaking of hot flashes – mine have disappeared thanks to daily doses of Gabapentin!

Medicines I currently take:

  • Tamoxifen – to stop cancer from coming/spreading/invading
  • Aspirin – a low dose daily.  There was a study done that taking one low dose aspirin actually reduced beast cancer rates.
  • Gabapentin – an epilepsy drug that stops hot flashes and helps me fall asleep at night

Let’s see…..oh yes… HAIR


See this picture?  It’s Screech from Saved by the Bell.  It’s what my hair looks like right now!  I say this and people very kindly laugh and say “No, it’s so cute!!!”  But they are thinking “Oh my god that’s EXACTLY what she looks like!! I’m so glad it’s not me.”


You see it don’t you?  It’s ok.  I know.

I’m sporting 6 months of growth and it’s extremely curly.  I think there’s about 2 inches in length but it is all curl so it’s more of an afro.  If I use my conditioner, the curls tighten up and don’t frizz.  No conditioner and I have quite the dome of hair!






One more thing – Tamoxifen