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YOU are incredible people!

If you follow my crazy life on Facebook, you’ve noticed that for the past week I’ve been asking you for money!  There’s no sugar-coating here!!!

I am participating in a Making Strides event next month.  What is Making Strides?  Yeah, I’m a little fuzzy about it too.  The American Cancer Society sponsors these walking events throughout the country.  Here’s the big thing.  The money raised goes to research and testing and saving lives.  If my walking around a track a few miles can save some women from having to go through what I did last year, hell, sign me up….oh yeah…I did sign up!!!

So on October 20 I’ll be joining a few folks bright and early to walk around the Chicagoland Speedway to do my part.

Why are YOU incredible?  I’m getting there.

I set a fundraising goal of $294.  Why such an odd amount?  I was in treatment for 294 days so I figured I would raise $1 for every day of testing/chemo/surgery/recovery/surgery/recovery/radiation that I went through last year.

AND in ONE WEEK – I made my goal and a little bit more.  My first thought was that if all of my facebook friends gave $1, we’d be set.  But then you guys just came through – No one gave just $1.  You all are such thoughtful, giving people!!!

My thanks go out to:

Kristy, Jen and her family, Renee, Jenn, Brian, Karen and Laurie.  You guys did it!!!

Now, for those of you who are interested in contributing, I am not going to stop you!  I am an overachiever and I have 28 days until the event!  I’ll put the link to the page.  If I make it to $365 then I’m a member of the birthday club – don’t know what that means, but I’ll take bragging rights!!!


Over the next week I have check ins with just about every doctor so I should have some idea as to where I stand by the first of October.

Thank you again to my supporters for Making Strides AND during 294 days of treatment.


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