Archive | October 18, 2013


It’s almost Sunday.  The family and Mommy and I are heading out to the Making Strides Beast Cancer walk.  It’s going to be cold which I hate but it should be interesting to see what these walks are like.  Thanks to all of you, I raised almost $500 toward beast cancer research, detection and treatment.

Next week I’m having the FINAL procedure in my treatment journey.  My ovaries are coming out on Tuesday.

Last Friday I had a whirlwind afternoon of pre-op appointments.

I headed out to Good Samaritan Hospital.  I got a packet of info to take to the registration desk.  My favorite part was the section listing my “complaint” as “FEMAILE BREAST CANCER.”  I wondered if I needed a stamp or should be at the post office or what.  Turns out I need some blood work and a chest x-ray.

If you’ll recall, I hate blood work and the longer I wait the more stressed I get.  Finally I get called in and it hurts.  And the room gets really warm.  And it takes longer than I like.  And I’m sweaty.  The lab tech says she isn’t sure if there is enough blood in the second vial.  She asks me to come back after my x-ray to check.

I head to x-ray and wait there for a while.  Chest x-rays are a piece of cake!  Stand, inhale, hold your breath for 10 seconds and done.

I return to blood work wondering how they will get more blood because I’m limited to my right side only.  After a few minutes, I am told everything is good and I don’t have to give more!  YAY!

I then head over to Dr. Casey Morris for my pre-op discussion.  The procedure should be simple.  Three small holes, ovaries and tubes come out, done in an hour.  I’ll be home and need to rest for the rest of the week.

In sadder news, I know of too many people who aren’t winning the fight against cancer.  If you know someone dealing with this disease — contact him/her.  Friendships and relationships are so important to people dealing with cancer.  Do you know someone caring for a cancer patient?  Reach out to them.  It goes a long way!


As of Tuesday afternoon I will be thrown into the depths of menopause.  Fingers crossed that I don’t go completely crazy.