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I should update you


It’s been a long couple of days.

Thursday – I had an appointment with Dr. H Oncologist at 11.  We get in the car and head out.  We go through a few things.

He then wants some blood.  Now, I HATE needles and usually have to prepare for blood draws.  Food and Water are important.  I hadn’t had time to prep.  It wasn’t good — let’s just say there was a loss of consciousness.  Then we moved into a treatment room and ran some fluids through me for a bit.

I got home and had to prep for my PET scan.  This scan requires that I have NO carbs of any kind past 5:00 pm that night until after the test.  I also had to fast 6 hours before the test.  The test was at noon.

I had the PET scan and then headed home.  It was rather uneventful.  I had a glucose test finger prick first.  Then I had to get an IV to get the injection.  Then I sat for a while and waited for it to get through my body.

Then I got on the table and spent 30 minutes for the painless scan.

Later that evening, Dr. H Oncologist called with results:


There is bone involvement.  There are cancer cells in….

  • my neck at C2, C5, C6
  • my lower back (to be determined by an MRI on Tuesday)
  • my hips

What do we do now?

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Dr. L Radiation Oncologist.  We should be able to get a plan of action to start something.

I need one more MRI to finish up the affected areas.  I have one of my brain and of my neck.  We do need one more of the spine because of my lower back pain.

The weekend was spent feeling yucky and trying to get food back in my and enough liquid in me to function!!!  I’m finally feeling that way today and got some things done!

I should have some news to report tomorrow about treatment!!!

Thank you all for following along.  I hate that I have to start writing this again.  I hate that my family has to go through this again — whatever this is.  I was ready for normal.  I was ready to just have a life that was healthy.  Not gonna happen yet.

This past week I was NOT in “Go Fight Win” mode.  I was in a dark place.  I was places I never went the first time around.  I’m getting revved up now.  I’m feeling better and getting ready to fight this – again and again and again.  Because I have a lot to do.  I have so much to do.

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