Let’s get ready to radiate!!!

I met with Radiation Oncologist Dr. L.  She is a breath of fresh air and full of important information!!

neck 1

See these pink cervical vertebrae?  These are the MOST affected areas of my body right now.  The cancer is eating away at C2, C5 and C6.   We are going to use the radiation to destroy the cancer cells at these locations.

I had the set up on Tuesday afternoon.  This is WEIRD!!!

neck 4I laid down on the table.  Check out the feet in this photo.  Do you see how her feet are pressing on that board?  OK — the there are ropes coming out from the board.  This person is pulling on those ropes.  It didn’t totally go like that for me.  I had the board and the ropes —- but then it got different.

My situation involved having my wrists strapped in so the ropes would pull my shoulders down.

During radiation of any kind, it’s crucial that you are always in the exact same place every time for consistency.  There are all kinds of ways to ensure that consistency.  For MY case, I have to keep my shoulders lowered.

Then there is the mask.

neckThis started as a flat piece of plastic.  It was placed on my head/shoulders in a warm and wet state.  It was clipped onto the tray I was lying on.  The techs then pressed the mold into place onto my head/shoulders.  It felt weird.  I could sort of see out and I could breathe.  There are lots of holes — but really small so everything looks blurry.

Once that was done, they wrote on the mask places to track whatever they need to remember!

Then I got to run upstairs to get s shot in my stomach — oh yay!!!  You know I love shots….

Have you seen theses ads on TV?


It’s a shot you get every 6 months for women with osteoperosis.  This shot that I will be getting MONTHLY is a super charged bone growing shot.  It stings!!!!!  But it is going to help my bones start growing back the holes cancer has made in my bones.

When the radiation destroys the cancer cells, there will be some gaps in my bones which need to be filled in.  My body can do this.  The shot will kick my body into gear to really get going rebuilding my bones.

I had to also get the MRI for my spine that night.  It was REALLY long – I had one hour to lay there, then get a shot for contrast and lay there another 30 minutes.  We didn’t get home until almost 10 pm.  UGH.

Quiet day scheduled for Wednesday.



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