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Hello my friends,

Let’s fill in a few days!!!

I have one third of my radiation treatments complete!!!  5 down – 10 to go!

I have a pain med that does give me some relief from the pain I have been feeling since March — with side effects that do not require ER visits or time vomiting!!!

I still have these episodes that include “losing the floor.”

When  I stand up, I seem to have about one minute before my world starts changing.  There is a pulsing in my head, sometimes I feel the blood drain down through my arms/legs and then I had better find something stable!

When it’s happening, I don’t feel dizzy.  I feel disoriented.  I don’t lose control of my muscles or anything like that.  I can move.  It just seems like my brain says “Um, there is no where to go.  We cannot locate the floor so you had better stop and get down.”

So I lose the floor.

This morning I got out of bed about 6 am to make a bathroom run.  I had no problems.  I was returning to bed (it was dark) and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor.

I don’t just fall over like a tall tree – timber/crash.  I know it’s coming, I ease myself down.

On Facebook this morning I did ask for some GO FIGHT WIN cheers from everyone — which was greatly needed today.

I had a meeting today with one of the Radiation Oncologists.  He really didn’t offer much in terms of dealing with this falling thing.  He isn’t my regular doc so I wasn’t expecting much.  His suggestion?  “Be like an 80 year old woman.  When you need to stand up, you sit on the edge of your seat and wait 5 minutes.  Then you stand up and wait 5 more minutes to get your bearings.”

That’s the solution.  SIGH.

In other news —

I do NOT need a Spinal Tap!!!!  Oncologist Dr. H doesn’t think cancer cells have gotten into my spinal fluid based on results of tests I have had.  This is GREAT news!!!  One less procedure AND one less piece of BAD news!!!!

This week…

Meet with Oncologist Dr. H tomorrow

Radiation through Wednesday

On Wednesday I have to have the biopsy of my hip.  It will be at Edward.  This biopsy will ensure that the cancer cells are the same as before.  We are confident they are, but this will make sure.

As always, I am so thankful for everyone’s help and kindness and thoughts and prayers.

Sammy is being so incredible!!!  He drives me EVERYWHERE because I don’t know when I might lose the floor.  He has single-handedly taken over being in charge of EVERYTHING…. Mom, Dad, Provider, Driver, Cook, Laundry, Homework, Real Work….I don’t know how he is keeping it together, but he is and I do NOT know how I would be doing this without him!

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