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9 Rounds down!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This is a full week of radiation appointments.  Every day  I go in and get my neck and back targeted.

My days are pretty good.  I “function” pretty well.  I can’t drive because of my episodes so I sort of have to be “babysat” all the time.

The worst thing about this time around is having these “episodes.”

It usually happens as I stand up.  My head fills up and starts to throb.  I can also feel the blood start to rush out of my arms and legs.  Then I get disoriented.  If I don’t sit back down or lean on something to steady myself, I will fall to the ground.

Sunday night I fell.  Falling really sucks.  I really hate it.  I don’t like not having the control of my life.  I do hope that once we finish the radiation that the episodes will end.  We are thinking that there is an artery being pressed on and that is causing the issue.  Once the radiation is over, the cancer cells should be gone and hopefully this will end.

If not, I just don’t know what to do about it.

Everything else is moving exactly as it should be.  I have radiation this week and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week.  Then I will be finished.

Fingers crossed that the episodes stop!!!

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