First time here? Read first

First and foremost you need to understand the title and tagline.

I HATE the word “breast”  so now that I have been diagnosed with that type of cancer, I realized this is a word that will be said and heard way too much.  I have taken the liberty of removing the letter R from the word.  So I will be talking about my beast.  Beast, beast, Beast… so much better.

When I told my sister, her reply was “Well isn’t that a fucking curve ball.”

This is going to be honest and upfront about what I’m going through as it happens.

I will swear.  I will have poor punctuation if I’m going completely stream of conciousness.  I should still have proper grammar and spelling because I can’t let everything slip!

I’m doing this because I’m finding it really tiring to tell everyone the same story several times a day.  Literally tiring.  I need a nap after a round of phone calls!


3 thoughts on “First time here? Read first

  1. I’m so sorry Jenn, but I know if anyone can get through this, you can. You have more energy and spirit than anyone I know. And swear away! Vent it all out! We are here to listen; we are here for you. We will pray daily for you.

  2. Hi Coach Jenn,

    I’m a mom from Phenom. You are in our prayers and have our support. Not sure if there’s anything else we can help with but please let me know if there are ( Do not fear those who destroy the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Mathews 10:28).


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