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June 19

I’m writing again!!!

These were my cookies from last week’s Treat Tuesday!!  Cupcake Moms went preppy!!  Super cute!


Yesterday I had a consult with Kerry the physical therapist.  She had some great information on lymphodema.  She checked out my physical progress and things look good.  Because I’m still going through radiation, she wasn’t going to do a LOT of poking and prodding.

She showed me some range of motion activities to work on.  There is some tightness at the end of the range which I knew.

She also reiterated that my skin is looking great relative to my stage of treatment.  I’m glad for that but boy does it hurt!!

Yesterday was Treat Tuesday and we went with my theme of annoyingly positive….


Sadly Jodi told me today that she was going to share hers but her son ate the entire thing!!  I’ll have to make sure she gets two next week!

The end is in sight.  Next Friday is my last official radiation treatment.

Today I had my last FULL treatment.  The last seven treatments are called “boosts.”  The radiation thus far has been targeted to my beast, my lymph nodes and a bit of the chest area.  There are three main sections of treatments when I’m on the table.  During the boost section, the radiation will be aimed at my scar on the beast.  IF the cancer comes back, it usually starts at the scar point.

In other news, I taught a gymnastics class today – the first one since my surgeries!!!  It felt good to be back in the gym again!

I also was touring my local Hallmark store recently and saw these cards….


Seriously – there are Chemo cards!!!


I was surprised too!

Have a GREAT day!!!